Elizabeth Chang

Elizabeth has been refining her artistic skills since the age of 5 when she won her first set of watercolor paints in a contest. In her fifth grade art class, she enjoyed drawing and painting portraits so much that her teacher suggested she try makeup and use the human face as the canvas. Elizabeth then began her journey with makeup and she begged her friends to let her experiment on them. (Thank you, brave souls!) Growing up, she loved teaching others tricks of the trade and noticed the instant positive effect makeup application can have on her peers. It is the “look” in her clients’ eyes that says, “I love the way I look!” that brings Elizabeth satisfaction and inspires her to continue working as a makeup & hair artist.
A summa cum laude graduate from Occidental College and an Aveda-trained licensed esthetician who has lived in 3 continents and 6 countries, Elizabeth identifies as a citizen of Planet Earth. She is passionate about social justice, especially in education and women’s issues, and aims to use her beauty techniques to help people achieve their goals. Elizabeth believes in the importance of environmental responsibility; beauty is important, but not at the price of our environment! Elizabeth prefers to be called by her nickname, Liz. Liz, her partner Bo, and their cat, Skyla, are happily growing their roots in Mountain View, along with their growing collection of electronics.

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