Dossie Easton


I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts, and was amazed and delighted to discover the astounding diversity of urban life when I started working in Boston as a teenager. I dropped out of college in my sophomore year and moved to New York City’s Lower East Side to be a psychedelic revolutionary and explore sexuality and spirituality in as many ways as I could find. I eagerly learned about Kundalini yoga, meditation, Buddhist, and Hindu spiritual practices. I discovered the Goddess and received my first Tarot deck when I was nineteen. I emigrated to San Francisco in the Great Migration of 1967, a happy flower child in the Summer of Love, and have lived in this magical region ever since. My daughter was born in 1969, and being her mother has been the greatest delight and privilege in my life. It was shortly after her birth that I took my vow of permanent nonmonogamy. I found a community of fellow seekers in sexuality at San Francisco Sex Information in 1973, and went forward from there to host a radio show, join the leather community, and finish college. Later I attended graduate school, completed my internship, and became licensed as a marriage and family therapist. I published my first book with Janet Hardy in 1994, shortly after my fiftieth birthday; further books followed. I have been studying and practicing Tantra in a women’s sangha since 2002, as chronicled in Radical Ecstasy. I am currently sixty-five years old and enjoying a rich and sexy life with my beloved in the mountains of West Marin.

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