Chloé Meyer

Born and raised in Nashville, TN, Chloé Meyer currently lives and works in San Francisco, CA. Her color palette reflects her Southern upbringing filtered through a California lens. This unique perspective is evident in her love of brilliant color. Meyer came to San Francisco to pursue a career in fashion and ultimately left the corporate world to earn her fine arts education from City College of San Francisco and San Francisco Studio School. My artwork is the physical manifestation of my deeply felt interest in the delectability of color and its emotional effect on the viewer. I believe color, and the ways it is presented and controlled through formal qualities, can have a genuine communication with the audience. This layered, sensory experience is personal and unique to everyone. It is essential for me to approach each painting with a purity of purpose and desire to authentically and thoughtfully explore the experience of creation. While working, I am investigating possibilities, responding and improvising to color and brushwork. I welcome complexity in my work and value measured thoughtfulness balanced with spontaneity and direct expression. I am interested in the push and pull of ambiguous forms, expansiveness to contractiveness, painterly drawing, and the luminous, atmospheric, and suggestive qualities of oil paint. My attraction to lyrical, gestural abstraction is rooted in my background of childhood dance lessons, which is now translated into visual movement across the canvas. I derive my sensitivity to the poetic nuance of color from my lifelong celebration of nature. My interaction with the landscape is a never ending discovery and infinite source of inspiration.

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