Veronica May


Driven to dizzying heights by scratch-and-slap acoustic guitarist Veronica May, this award-winning lead vocalist and her To Do List create a crossbreed collage of indie, funk and blues. Veronica’s ?ight crew includes mood altering bassist Jeff Johnson and former “Star Search”-ing drummer Simon DasGupta.
Their rich and soulful sounds are in?uenced by the likes of Anii DiFranco, Jeff Buckley and Pinback. Veronica’s innovative mastery of every inch of her guitar’s real estate resembles that of indie-fave Kaki King, while her passionate lyrics bear a heart that is familiar with love, loss and ‘80s sitcoms.
Separately they’ve played with Anna Troy, SweetTooth and PJ Phillips. Together with their riffs, licks and percussive eruptions, they amaze everyone from MySpace-ers to Baby Boomers. All this and a beat you can dance to…that is, until it changes.
Their roots reach down into Colorado, San Diego and the UK, but their fanbase is pure Southern California gold. Just say the words “Veronica May” and they will come – if just to see what she does with that little piece of sandpaper. Other mysteries include: Exactly how many hands does she have? When is my jaw going to get up off the ground? and Is that a kazoo in her pocket?
Acquaint yourselves with Veronica May and the To Do List only if you wish to experience originality, energy, clever lyrics, dirty blues and jazzy funk. And perhaps the polka, leg kicks and press-on moustaches.

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