The Tara Nichole


I have been an art gallery owner, radio show host, and event coordinator. I put on shows, sing at shows, and art up happenings, be that at fundraisers for local charities, seminar functions, or for private parties. At festivals, I am known for live art contributions, live music, or for speaking, presenting “edu-tainment,” where people walk away with a focused message.
While an artist and communications advocate, I like to apply my skills in creative and practical ways, such as through social activism. My music is directive and uplifting. The goal is to inspire people to speak up for themselves, dance vigorously, and walk away with a new favorite song. My music ranges from Folk to Pop/R&B, alternating from sentimental to empowering.
Through the power of song, I want to inspire and change lives. Through community service, I like to cultivate the power of people working together to achieve common goals. Through art, I value the opportunity to speak to people on an aesthetic level, lifting their the mood, while contributing to an enriched environment.

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