The Gypsy Swing Cats


The San Diego based Gypsy Swing Cats perform an energetic, innovated blend of Swing, Jazz and Blues. Their music merges Gypsy melodies and rhythms, with the influences of American Jazz reminiscent of Paris in the 1930’s: cool, charming and classy. The music of the Gypsy Swing Cats is thoroughly modern infused with the wild, mysteriously free and exciting Gypsy flavors.
Gypsy Jazz, also known as Gypsy Swing, is a musical expression often said to have been started by guitarist Jean “Django” Reinhardt. He was foremost amongst a group of Gypsy guitarists working in and around Paris in the 1930’s. The music combined the exciting sound of American Jazz that transformed the old into the new. The guitarists supercharged the music further by adding Swing to the fire and melancholia of the unique Gypsy sound.
The tantalizing melodies of the Gypsy Swing Cats bring the audience a unique and new experience. Their highly rhythmic sound will electrify your event, be it a small intimate gathering, a wedding or a large corporate reception, with a new exciting energy. The Gypsy Swing Cats is a group of three renown San Diego Jazz artists.
Evona Wascinski
Polish Born Bassist Evona Wascinski started her musical education at the age of 7 on piano and bass guitar at age 15. She took up the upright bass at 18 after falling in love with it’s low and powerfully deep and resonant tone. This lead her to intensively study classical bass for 8 years with Bass greats Bertrum Turetzky and Mark Dresser as well as jazz studies with Kamau Kenyatta at University of California, San Diego. In 2005 she received a Bachelors Degree in Music in the emphasis of Classical Bass Performance and Jazz Studies.
Evona is very active in the jazz scene in Southern California and has recorded on several recording projects. She as had the opportunity to perform for three years with a jazz trio at the OSCARS (Academy Motion Picture Awards) in Hollywood. In the Summer of 2010 she had the opportunity to tour France and Italy, where she will be returning for more concerts in 2011. Evona’s musical influences come from a broad spectrum of genres. And she draws from all of them in her playing to create her own style but her main musical interests are grounded in jazz, brazilian musics, mexican – latin american musics, afro and cuban son, latin jazz, gypsy siwng and classical as well as many other world musics. But she is always open to anything with a good pulse or a beautiful melody and dynamics!
Guy Gonzales
A California guitarist, has shared billing with numerous National Jazz recording artists such as Larry Coryell, Sonny Rollins and Pancho Sanchez. He has had the privilege of performing for both President’s Ford and Clinton. Guy has played numerous Jazz venues including the annual Laguna Beach Jazz Festival. On the KPBS televised special “Three Generations of the Blues”, Guy had the honor of sharing the stage with three Legends of Blues: Jeannie Cheatham, Zippy Wallace and the artist that penned Elvis’s hit “Ain’t Nothing But Hound Dog”; Big Mama Thorton.
Steve Nichols
Perfectionist on the guitar, wielding sounds from musical sources as diverse as Rock, Classical, Jazz, Latin, Blues, and Country. Steve has been called upon to work as a studio musician for the recording industry in Los Angeles and throughout the western states. Some notable artists and bands that Steve has performed or shared the stage with include B.B. King, Charlie Daniels, Lou Rawls, Barney Kessel, Billy Cobham, John Anderson and Patty Lovelace to mention just a few.

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