Saffran Harris

Saffran Harris is a San Diego based actress, writer, model. Saffran is a resident actress in L.A. based the sketch comedy group “Press Play Then Laugh”, and a 2017 graduate of Actors Models and Talent for Christ. Before becoming an actor, Saffran was an opera trained vocalist. At the age five, Saffran’s ambition was to be an opera singer. “When I was five years old I wanted to be an opera singer” says Saffran. “I used to sing at the top of my lungs with an angelic falsetto voice that would make any mom proud.
Now, 30 years later, I have a wonderful little 5-year old daughter who, like me, loves to sing loud and proud!- and it got me thinking… ‘Maybe I wasn’t as good as I thought I was.’ But that didn’t stop her from moving forward in years of learning, growing, training and trying. As a teenager, Saffran studied voice at the Eubanks Conservatory of Music in Los Angeles, CA where she was classically trained in opera. Although she liked opera, her passions lied in the genres of Pop and R&B. Her vocal influences of Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston are what inspired her to pursue a career as a recording artist. Saffran’s career in entertainment began as a singer/songwriter/producer when she was 19 years old after she graduated from the world renowned Musicians Institute in Hollywood, Ca majoring in Music Business, Record Production and Vocal Performance. She started working professionally in the music industry as an executive assistant at Sony Music/Columbia Records at the age of 20. “I have been blessed with some amazing opportunities,” says Saffran on her experience working in the music industry.
Some of those experience includes performing with P. Diddy on American Idol, writing music for a major motion picture soundtrack, and getting to work with top musicians and performers. In 2007 Saffran decided to take a new direction in her career and return to her love of design. “The work was fun, but the spirit of the (music) industry was too heavy on my heart.
Being consistently faced with the pressure to dress a certain way, act in a way and be in a way that was not me, and not who I wanted to be wasn’t worth the stress anymore.” Saffran started her own design and media firm where she discovered a love and talent for writing. “It started as a hobby, making designs for my friends and family when they needed something. I started getting word of mouth referrals from them and things started taking off from there.” Saffran’s talent in design and writing is what relocated her and her daughter from Riverside, Ca to San Diego to work for one of San Diego’s top tech companies as a graphic designer and copywriter.
WoodbridgeIn 2017, Saffran was discovered by a casting agent from AMTC for her and recruited her for modeling and her comedic talent. Her first ever stand-up comedy showcase for AMTC’s SHINE Conference in 2017 brought the house down and won over the attention of the judges. “I had no idea performing comedy was in me,” says Saffran. “I wrote my own monologues because I figured I couldn’t mess them up if I did it that way, but it ended up being God’s way of revealing a hidden talent in me.” Since then she has recently starred in a leading role in her first theatrical performance playing the role of Sister Margaret in the play “Roommates” and can be found in a range of comedic and dramatic short film and commercial projects.
Saffran is currently writing new material for stand-up comedy and a web series which uses her everyday experiences of being a millennial graphic designer and a parent of a 5-year-old to write hilarious yet real-life comedic skits. “My daughter is my inspiration.
I look at her and her silliness, it’s just second nature to her to be like that. I used to be like that. I want to be like that.”

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