Roosevelt Williams

Mr. Roosevelt Williams, III is a native San Diegan who is an industrious, conscientious, disciplined and self-motivated small business owner who currently holds the title of being San Diego’s only African-American Cobbler. As a cobbler, he repairs men and women shoes, handbags, luggage, zippers, purses, belts and much more. He is also the 2018 CEO and President of Young Black & ‘NBusiness, also known as YB&NB.
YB&NB is a community organization devoted to serving and motivating the overlooked and the underserved majority working together as one to be healthy, happy and successful. Beginning in 2018, under his leadership, Young Black & ’NBusiness will begin hosting quarterly networking mixers, business acumen clinics, along with courses on public speaking, consulting and event planning.
A short but impressive list of his accomplishments thus far include:
• Being a three time pageant winner for Mr. Gold Coast Classic in 2004, Mr. Black San Diego in 2008 and Mr. Heritage in 2010.
• President of the San Diego’s Urban League 21st Century Youth Leadership Team from 2000 – 2003.
• President of the Urban Leagues College Career Club from 2005-2007.
• He has also written policies and ordinances for the City of San Diego to benefit the low to moderate income communities and underserved populations in San Diego County and drafted The Responsible Banking Ordinance to help eliminate Red Lining by big banks to restore Environmental Justice and Equal Opportunity for all. It was passed unanimously by San Diego City Council in 2008.
• Lead consultant for the Reinvestment Task Force Board of the Fourth Council District from 2009-2012
• Liaison for the San Diego Youth Commission from 2009 – 2012. During this same time period, Mr. Williams served as a Council Representative and Community Liaison to 18 different communities within Council District Four using his consulting services and leadership skills to positively impact his community.
• In 2011, he was inducted into the Walls of Excellence on Imperial Ave and Willie James Jones Avenue.
• In 2012, he was afforded the opportunity to spend three months in Washington, D.C. participating in an internship called the Presidential Classroom where he was able to learn about the political process and its effect on the nation.
One of his personal goals is to remain a teachable, life-long learner and a man of noble character. He has been encouraged and mentored by city officials and dignitaries to be both a servant leader and a change agent. Although grateful for their sage wisdom, he is most indebted to his great grandfather whom he credits with making him into the man he is today, as well as the one he will become in the future. His life is govern by the self-coined phrase “start with a commitment, deliver with quality and finish with success.”

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