Rizza CW and Paul W

All of this came about when Rizza started looking for her own wedding photographer. In her search she came across a variety of wedding photographers that offer great photography with a high package price. She was looking for a photographer with a sense of style and composition for an affordable price. So, she thought maybe she should just have the disposable camera on each table or have one of her family members or guests take photos. After all, it would be a very small, and intimate wedding. But then again she thought, this is her wedding and it is a very special day where precious moments and memories will be treasured for a lifetime. She wanted to have quality photos in her photo book. Her goal was to have a simple package where she can have all the digital negatives on dvd with the option of printing her best shots at a reasonable price. In the midst of all the research and the inspiration from wedding photographers, she began to think to herself she could do this! She has the skills…the experience…and most importantly the passion she has in photography! Why doesn’t she offer affordable, high quality photos & prints to future brides and grooms! She got married on 11/11/11 in O’ahu. It was a beach wedding…a gorgeous day with her family and his. She have a chocolate labrador that she wishes can stay with her forever. She lives in a cute bungalow built in the 1920’s.
She drives at speed limit. She lives a happy, simple, quality life. She finally learned to skateboard. She believe in YOLO! She named her company after the word Aloha (it’s so welcoming). They love to travel anywhere. Paul calls her “Bug” hence the name AlohaBug Nooo, she didn’t just wake up the next day and decided she wanted to shoot weddings. Once upon a time in 1993, she was a junior in high school who was interested in photography. She learned the process of film photography from knowing the parts of the camera, correct exposure, to developing film and printing photographs in the dark room. Throughout college, she took more photography courses to enhance her skills. Sure enough, there’s a lot more to it than just being fun. Alongside photography, she also started taking Web Design courses. That was when Macromedia was so brand new to web design.
She finished college with a degree in Computer Information Systems with an emphasis on Web Design and Photography. However, she quickly realized then that she will never be like Ansel Adams nor produce a Migrant Mother (Dorothea Lange) photograph. She moved on with her life as a Trust Accountant at Creative Artists Agency for many years. She has seen a lot of famous movie stars, handled musicians booking tour accounts, worked with top notch Talent Agents.
She thought she would retire here. However, she was given an opportunity to pursue her creative side by making a deal with her husband BEFORE getting married…you know the rest of the story above. As you know, people say weddings are tough to handle but this is the field my heart has chosen. Along that truly comes her love for it. Every sweat that beads and drips down her forehead, upper lip, and nose…that’s when you know you hired a true photographer who has the passion for what she’s doing.

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