Ren Daversa


How do I describe my music? Fresh, original indie acoustic pop. I have a rich, unique vocal style, and accompany myself on acoustic and electric guitar. I perform my own, original songs with thoughtful lyrics and catchy melodies which appeal to a wide segment of listeners. I love sharing my music anytime, anywhere for anyone who wants to hear some good, fun original music. I hope you enjoy listening!
I have been busy, busy this year sharing my music with those who need it most. Most recently I was invited to be the Guest Musician at the Banding Together Jam Session, hosted by the Music Therapy Center of San Diego… so inspiring. Although I am a working musician, I do spend a fair amount of my time playing my music on a volunteer basis. I am always happy to donate my talents to fundraisers, charity and awareness events. It believe it is what I am supposed to do with this gift of music that I have been blessed with…so hit me up if you are in need of a volunteer musical artist!
Most often, I play with just guitar and vocal which offers an entertaining option to warm up a crowd. Sometimes I’ll add a bass player. I have opened many shows for fellow musicians and bands and am skilled at getting the crowd engaged and excited about the music and the next bands’ performance. We’ll get your people warmed up and ready for you when you take the stage!
I am currently booking House Concerts for 2018 and am offering a discount for shows booked before Thanksgiving! If you’ve ever had a live musician play at your house party or barbecue, you know how memorable and unique it can make an otherwise, average party or event. House concerts are a simple, and inexpensive way to allow your guests to unwind and be entertained after the drinks, food and conversation!
Just finished the final mixes on the songs slated for my upcoming album, “SALTWATER.” With the help of engineer, Peter Duff from The Grey Brick Recording Studio, I have been able to take my simple acoustic songs to a new level. I am super excited to be releasing my first solo LP and can’t wait to share it with you!

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