Patricia Marin

Born in Cartagena, Chile, Patricia Marin continually developed her artistic talents in parallel to her professional activities with UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund). Her life experiences and journeys along Latin America during the 80s and 90s – exploring Chile, Brazil, El Salvador, and New York, have shaped her art and affinity toward culture and the sense of belonging and admiration of different landscapes and societies. Another ever-present element in her work is the social sensibility, which has accompanied her throughout her entire life.
Her work is highlighted by the harmony and cadence of colors, as well as by the innovative use of textures and different media, including mosaic, glass, sculptures, and large outdoor pieces. During an initial experimentation with mosaics, Patricia realized that her work would have her specialize in creating exclusive designs, urban murals and commercial and residential applications. In the later phase of her work, she developed projects of larger dimensions, such as 60-foot murals that embellish the exterior walls of a religious chapel, sculptures, wine barrels, fountains, pools, park benches and even bus stops. She is currently working on the installation of a 100-foot x 10-foot outdoor mosaic mural commissioned by the city of Iquique in northern Chile as a celebration of its bicentennial anniversary. Originally conceived with input from both government agencies as well as the community, this piece will highlight local history, developments of native tribes, the Spanish conquest and the struggle for independence. Her artistic credentials include the Art Student League of New York; Universidad Católica de Chile, Byzantine Mosaic at the University of Ravenna, Italy and the Art Mosaic Institute in Oakland, California. Patricia Marin’s work has been showcased at various exhibitions in New York, NY (USA), Natal (Brazil), Santiago (Chile), Long Beach, and Los Angeles, California (USA). As a current member of the Society of American Mosaic Artists (SAMA) and Contemporary Mosaic Artist, Patricia Marin spends her time between art studios in Santiago Chile and San Diego, California. Her work was recently exhibited at various mosaic and art events, including the “Tesserae / The Art of Mosaic” juried event, sponsored by the Arts Council of Long Beach as well as the Los Angeles County Arts Commission.

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