Nina bel Vande


I began my dance career in Reno, NV as a simple chorus girl and it was there that the opportunity for burlesque was presented to me. Once I was given the chance to entertain as a solo striptease artist I thrived. There’s something invigorating about removing your clothing in front of an audience. It gives you the chance to inspire, hypnotize, and grow as a person.After leaving Reno I moved to San Diego, CA. For several years I performed classical burlesque with various troupes. Working with such incredible people gave me the inspiration to venture out on my own. Once I became my own entity my themes switched from cutesy and campy to beautifully dark, thus creating my trademark performances. With a newfound career I began to branch out and expand my repertoire. I was accepted into numerous burlesque festivals and shows all throughout the nation and featured as a guest performer in several cities within California, Florida and Portland to name a few. On top of traveling I soon became a co-producer of The Grand Black Orchid Burlesque at the Horton Grand Theatre. That landed me on San Diego Live where I was able to share my story of how I got involved with the amazing project that was Black Orchid. Currently I perform all throughout San Diego as a burlesque dancer and am available for booking. I add lively entertainment for parties and events meant for ages 21+.

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