Nathan Menard


Nathan Menard has been gaining popularity for his sultry R&B. From Songwriting, to recording and producing his own original songs, Nathan has worked hard to develop his skill and personal style to offer people a taste of life through his eyes. Nathan is inspired by music that leaves you changed, the type of music that invites people to dream again, the type of groove that moves you to dance. Nathan has a robust joy for life and he hopes that his songs can serve as the musical embodiment of the feelings of your first time falling in love, the joy of the simple moments that turn into cherished memories. Nathan started out as a Wedding Singer where he covered songs by the greats like Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and Ella Fitzgerald. Nathan became sought-after for his charm and buttery smooth voice that swept the crowd away to another time and place. Nathan had journals filled with original songs, but as a full-time student and employee, he kept pushing his dream of sharing his original music off until the time felt right. On August 17th, 2015, Nathan suffered a life-threatening brain injury where he was projected to be left brain dead at best. After experiencing nothing short of a miraculous recovery, Nathan woke up to the reality that his future wasn’t guaranteed and he wanted to put everything he had into his passion for music. Nathan has spent the past six months developing his skills in writing, recording and producing his own original songs. He hopes to continue on this journey and feels so thankful for everyone who has joined him and for the opportunities that he has ahead.

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