Mary Satterthwaite

I’m the photographer, editor, blogger, accountant, and all around boss lady here at MKL images.
This is where I tell you about my photography degree and certification from Mira Costa College (and my B.A. in Women’s Studies from, California State University), the places my work has been featured (Orange County Bride Magazine, the Knot magazine, various blogs and other online magazines.), that I’ve shot weddings as far as Fiji and Australia (hint, hint, wink, wink: this means I like to travel) and as close as right down the road. It’s also where I tell you just how stinking delightful I am.
It’s where I tell you that although we’ll probably go out for a “coffee” to get to know each other, I’ll secretly be hoping they’ve got Diet Coke on the menu; that we can’t meet for lunch on Wednesdays because I’ve got a standing lunch date with my Dad, the hippy, for yummy Mexican food. Mmmmm my favorite. That my Mom is my best friend, she taught me how to work hard and have it all, both a career and a family. And Also that I grew up with two older brothers so I’m rough and tumble when it counts,
My hubby David is the best part of my life.
He’s kind and funny, and supportive. He let’s me shine and I love him every second of everyday. On a regular Friday night, you might find us doing date night at Chuck E. Cheese, accumulating massive piles of tickets from skee-ball, snuggling on the couch watching scary movies, or out for a walk on the pier.

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