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My name is Kimm DiCato and I’m a makeup artist in beautiful San Diego CA. My mission is to shine a light on the unique beauty of every woman that sits in my chair, while empowering them to like what they see in the mirror. To teach women that makeup doesn’t have to be superficial, and to show them how it can be an extension of the beauty that is inside them.
Those are some pretty lofty goals, trust me, I know. I go about achieving this mission by creating bridal looks that are inspired by the bride’s personality, by doing lessons so ladies can see that makeup is a friend not a foe, by pushing new makeup artists to strive to truly master the art and science of makeup and not just copy what is popular on YouTube and Instagram, and by helping my private makeup clients not only look, but feel like they are red carpet ready.
My formal training from Empire Academy of Makeup (2006) and Bellus Academy for Esthetics (2008), combined with my experiences working for brands such as Charlotte Tilbury, Senna, MAC, and NARS have given me a keen eye, and a unique style that I have become known for.
A few years ago I was invited back to the makeup academy I had attended at the start of my career as an instructor. The teaching bug bit me hard. I loved everything about being a teacher for the 3 years I did it and I now try to incorporate a little education into all of my bookings as well as cleared room in my schedule to do more lessons.
Nowadays when I’m not working with brides and private clients, I am on set doing photoshoots for everything from editorials to e-commerce. My work has been published in numerous magazines, graced the windows and displays of stores, and the lookbooks of fashion retailers. My experience in the print world is a huge asset to my clients as I have honed my skills over the years to see what the camera sees and have the ability to create makeups that look great in person and translate beautifully in pictures.

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