Jessica Lerner

Jessica Lerner
Photo Credit : Alan Hess Photography

Jessica Lerner is one of a handful of artists worldwide to be sponsored by Logitech Ultimate Ears, the same in-ear monitors used by artists including Jewell and Taylor Swift. From uplifting tunes with catchy guitar hooks to piano-driven ballads, Jessica’s writing and heartfelt delivery take her audience on a real-life journey. Her mission is to continually add pages to her songbook, with new songs like A Girl Like Me, Come On, and Under These Sheets revealing an intimate look into her life.
Having realized her talent at a young age, the San Diego born singer writes all her own music and lyrics, pulling inspiration from past relationships and personal observations. Jessica touches lives with her magnetic personality, engaging lyrics, and unique vocals that attract audiences of all ages, languages, and creeds. Her early influences include James Taylor, LeAnn Rimes, Shania Twain, and Christina Aguilera.
Jessica’s soulful rendition of the The Star Spangled Banner has been performed repeatedly for the San Diego Padres and San Diego Chargers, reaching over an estimated half a million listeners!

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