Emily Drew


Emily Drew is a captivating performer and recording artist. Her knack for capturing a feeling or moment within a song is unprecedented. Her style is best described as angelic and sweet, yet soulful. While she now lives in Boulder, Colorado, Emily began gaining traction and in the San Diego music scene. She has performed on highly celebrated stages such as the famous House of Blues as well as other San Diego stages that have seen the likes of Jason Mraz, Tristan Prettyman, and many more. She has been featured on major radio stations such as 94.9 and she recently appeared on Tonight in San Diego, San Diego’s own late show which features local up and coming musicians. Her carefully crafted music has been compared to well-respected artists such as Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson, and Colbie Callait.
Her debut EP The Finer Things was released in 2013. It was a culmination of her years of developing her own unique style and voice, and received rave reviews in Reader Magazine and the San Diego Troubadour. Her latest release is her first full-length album entitled Free. Free is a clear demonstration of her growth as an artist as well as her commitment to honesty and vulnerability within her lyrics. Songs such as the title track “Free” and “Just Breathe” touch on the darker and more challenging aspects of life while instilling a sense of hope and inspiration.
When Emily is not captivating audiences on stage, you are most likely find her practicing or teaching yoga in Boulder, CO. She often infuses her music with the knowledge and deep self-awareness she has cultivated in her yoga practice. Fans leave her shows feeling inspired, open-hearted, and moved.

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