David Maldonado


Guitar maestro David Maldonado is one of the only living Flamenco/Spanish composers left worldwide. Raised in a family where playing music was as natural as breathing, his early influences encompassed a broad range of classical music. By the age of eight, Maldonado was already an accomplished violinist, immersed in the world of Bach, Vivaldi, and Mozart. By the age of fourteen, David was performing classical guitar concerts in the Southwest United States and was taken in as a protigy under the Royal Family of the Classical Guitar, as Knighted by the King of Spain. It was during his teenage that he discovered Flamenco and mirrored the techniques of Sabicas (Godfather of Flamenco), at such a young age.
David Maldonado was born in a small town in Mexico and was immersed and brought up in the tradition of the guitar. No other guitarist can claim his mastery of so many styles of Spanish guitar within the same show; Flamenco, Classical and Modern, including unique styles of Rasqueado (a precise rapid strumming pattern using all the fingers of the right hand), and Picados (extremely fast guitar scales). The guitar virtuoso has brought his crowd-pleasing music across the globe, and has released a trilogy of modern Flamenco guitar albums with his Traditional Flamenco record debut in 2016.
Maldonado’s music reflects the beauty and structure inherent in traditional composition, at the same time bringing forth the passion, upbeat rhythms and fascinating gypsy scales redolent of Flamenco. The combination of these, along with David’s incredible energy and motivational storytelling, invokes a passionate response from audiences of all ages.

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