Christopher Puzio

Christopher Puzio is a San Diego artist who works in multiple mediums – primarily metal, to create dramatic sculptural and environmental elements. Puzio received his Master’s degree at Cranbrook Academy of Art in Detroit, where he focused and developed his passion for contemporary metalwork and design. His work has been featured in Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego’s exhibition “Here Not There: San Diego Art Now” and Art San Diego | Contemporary Art Fair, in addition to numerous other exhibitions and shows nationwide. Puzio is a faculty member at Woodbury University School of Architecture San Diego Campus and University of San Diego, and lectures widely on the topic of art, craft and design.
“My work is principally a study of geometry, pattern and structure found within nature. This overarching curiosity for the natural world continues to be a primary interest and theme within my work. As an artist, I intend to build upon the traditions of metalwork and craft while developing a language of making that incorporates contemporary methods and design technology. The environments and objects that I create ultimately exist to inhabit and shape the space around us. My hope is that they inspire a heightened sense of curiosity and wonder”

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