Charlie Rae


Charlie is the quintessential raw, electric, and boldly original artist. Her music transcends previously defined generes, combining soaring vocals with unpredictable, mystical melodies that are stunningly powerful, and profoundly new. Every one of her songs tell a deep and meaningful story, and none were created for specifically for commercial purposes. None.
Charlie and her highly successful and passionate backers believe there is a colossal demand for genuine music, created to tell stories that are relatable, timeless, and will stand across all generations. Charlie is one of the few remaining authentic musicians, standing amidst a sea of formulaic noise, absent of true emotion and originality.
Charlie grew up in Phoenix and taught herself to sing and play guitar at age 5. Her family completely resisted her passion, telling her to think with her checkbook and not her heart. They took away her boombox as a teen, forcing her to secretly perfect her voice, rhythm, and ability to invent melodies.
With only her own belief system, and improvisation using a broken three-string guitar worth a few dollars, she decided hit the road at age 17 to make it on her own. There were no options for her other than music, and having no alternatives gave her the clarity of purpose to succeed, no matter what setbacks appeared along the way. Without any professional representation, her talent was independently noticed by the most discriminating listening scouts, and through sheer force of her talent, she found her way to open for Heart, David Foster, Pat Benatar, Sheryl Crow, Leon Russell, Chris Isaak, Michelle Branch, and Donovan, to name just a few.
Charlie Rae was discovered by San Diego high technology entrepreneurs when a passerby cellphone video of her reached 500,000 views on You Tube, and was featured by Reddit. This was no accident. Since this discovery and subsequent backing, she has focused, intentionally and deliberately without distraction, on professionally recording dozens of world class songs which are owned by her own Production Company.
Her catalog represents a truly magnificent collection of blockbuster-quality titles, all originally produced on the world’s best audio equipment, hand-picked by leading technology entrepreneurs, musicians, and sound engineers. These songs are stunning in their composition, and each was developed to tell a story that everyone can identify with, and spans across all generations and genres. Her songs are a fundamentally new interpretation of pop, soul, rock, tearful sorrow, new country, as well as personal reinvention. Without formal marketing and on a limited test basis, she has already amassed millions of page views and is now focusing on having her art being syndicated and heard.


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