Bri Cauz


Born & raised in the tech hub of Silicon Valley now based in the Pacific Northwest, Bri is a vibrant young Singer, Performer, & Producer living out her dreams as a full-time musician.
I’m on a mission to spread Hope & Joy. Music is my medium.
Over the last 7+ yrs of performing live, Bri has built a devoted fan base & foundation from the ground up. That platform has allowed her to be a successful independent regional artist, touring across the West Coast each year in over 6 states. She’s had the privilege to perform in local bars, state fairs, private events, night clubs, peoples homes, & everything in between. Whether she is playing to a crowd of 10 or 10,000+ her spirit, undeniable talent, & ability to connect with her audiences is infectious & keeps her fans coming back.
Growing up with both parents musically gifted in voice, piano, guitar, & drums it’s obvious Bri literally has music running through her blood. Both mom & dad say she started singing before she could even talk!
For as long as I can remember music has been a part of me. It’s like it chose me. One thing has always been clear, singing is what I was born to do.
Her music is inspired by her faith, relationships, creation, and artists of great influence: Coldplay, Switchfoot, Joseph, John Mayer, NeedtoBreathe, & many others.
It’s an honor to share my music & deepest passions with so many of you. I’m so grateful to partner with you on this musical journey that continues to write itself. This is our story.

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