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My name is Ashley DuChene (pronounced like Du-Shane) and I’m based in San Diego, CA. I’m a second generation photographer who feels very lucky to have been able to turn my childhood passion into a fulfilling career for the past fifteen years. Growing up, I had one parent who was a photographer, the other an organizational psychologist. Being exposed to their books and lifestyles, it was a natural fit to pursue photography and child psychology for my college undergraduate education (20 years ago!).Soon after college I started my professional photography career working at at a boutique studio. The studio kept me busy with hundreds of weddings and portrait sessions every year but once I had my baby, Juliette, it was clear that freelance work was so much easier for my family and so I began my own business. When I’m not photographing families, I’m happily immersed in commercial projects for various businesses and magazines revolving around the topics of health & fitness, animals, and children.The past couple of years have been exciting for me and have proven to be a turning point in my desire to pursue further education in Psychology. In 2017, I was “discovered” by Yelp as a top, reputable business owner and invited to present at Yelp’s San Francisco Headquarters to the CEO, management, and hundreds of business owners.The topic: The importance of Excellent Customer Service. As I nervously worked on my speech, I was astounded at how much psychology I use to enhance my client interactions, marketing methods, and networking practices.I’ve recently decided to pursue a Master of Science in Marriage and Family Counseling/Therapy to enhance both my life and career. Helping my clients work through their nerves and family issues, before and during our photo session is part of what defines me as unique in a very saturated market. Perhaps someday I will write a book about the importance of psychology when it comes to portrait photography, but first, I would like further my education and experience in both fields.And while I truly enjoy photography, by far my biggest joy and achievement to date is my nine year old daughter. Again, I thank you for visiting the site and taking the time to get to know me a bit better. I hope to meet and photograph you soon!”

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