Arabina Dance Company is a multi-award winning Middle Eastern dance ensemble offering authentic and fusion styles of dance from all areas of the Middle East. Directed by multi-award winning performer Vilia , Arabina Dance Company boasts innovative choreographed shows featuring dancers with well-honed technical abilities. Arabina is based in San Diego, California but has been contracted for performance and teaching engagements as far away as Guadalajara, Mexico. Arabina currently maintains on-going local performance contracts with Zorba’s Greek Restaurant (performing four dinner shows weekly for the past three years), the House of Turkey and the San Diego Library.In addition to folkloric solo and group dances from Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, Tunusia, and Iran, Arabina also specializes in fusion Middle Eastern dance styles featuring a variety of props including finger cymbals, single and double veils, Isis wings, single and double sword balancing, candle tray balancing, Shamadan or candelabra balancing, single and double Saidi cane, Gypsy tambourine, fire fans, castanets (flamenco fusion), water jug balancing, fans, shawls, scarves, ribbons, Bollywood and more! Arabina can provide solo and group shows with up to eight performers for your event. Arabina also has access to live musicians from a single tabla (drum) player to a full Arabic or Greek band. Arabina is available for a myriad of events including birthdays, weddings, engagements, retirements, ethnic fairs and more!

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