Tyler Guinn

Tyler Guinn is an Austin, Texas based artist and creative director. Guinn’s most recognizable work in abstract expressionism is characterized by evocative texture, balanced color fields, and a strong narrative comprised of textual notes and marks. A lifetime Texan – his experiences in small business entrepreneurship and marketing guide an approach to art that is notably empathic to the audience, and abides by cross-medium design principles. His work, often described as“wall sculptures”, reach out to the viewer with an invitation to engage and respond.
“Abstract expression has the power to capture your attention, and the humility to take on your own interpretation – cultivating that experience is the responsibility I feel as an artist. The “-ist” suffix denotes a person who practices or is concerned with something, holding certain principles in one’s work – for me this includes an examination of scriptural, musical and quoted text, with a visual response. I make art that I feel must exist by sharing a message of joy and encouragement in a world that is increasingly divisive and hostile. What you see on the canvas is my interpretation of the human experience, our creator, and the relationship between the two. Overall, my intention is for the work to feel living and active, as if I have just stepped away to let drips continue to run, layers continue to dry, and stories to be told.”

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