The Damn Band

The Damn BandThis page has been created to tell a story somewhat for nostalgia’s sake because this entity that is “The Damn Band” certainly has had an impact on many live’s! “The Damn Band” is Marty, Chico, Gil & “MP” & the Band’s promise is to play with all the power, passion, energy & vigor they have in them each & every night & for you to better know who they are now you need to know who they were before. Please enjoy the history of “TDB” below as well as the rest of the site. Formed in 1998 was a high octane, hard charging Rock & Blues group from San Antonio TX playing both covers & originals! For many years & through different versions of the band there were several constants & one in particular was that it played & it played a lot!
Founding member & Lead Vocalist Mickey “MP” Pattillo along with Guitarist “Party”The Damn Band Marty Emmons & Bassist/Vocalist Clifton “Chico” Griffin have been together almost since it’s inception & have played practically every club in San Antonio as well as many towns in south TX. “TDB’s” goal was & is to be pure energy every night & whether the crowd was or is large or small their heart & soul is poured into every show. If you are one of those folks out there that saw the band “Back in the Day” then I believe you can testify to that both then & now. You’ll hear “TDB” playing songs from the 60’s to 2000’s as well as Originals (see set list page for current playlist) but suffice it to say that the playbook is wide open! Now you know some of the History of “TDB” & with all that said the fire is stoked & your party rock & Blues Band is “Ready to Rock”! With the help of social media such as Facebook, Youtube, this Website & most important our extremely loyal fans known as “The Damn Family” our brand of High Energy Music is The Damn Bandeven more far reaching than before. Spread the word, like our FB page & keep reviewing this site to know all there is about the band as well as upcoming events. Enjoy the pictures & videos and we thank you all for the honor & privilege of playing for you! We’ve had one helluva past & now we’re looking forward to one Damn Good Future! We are “The Damn Band” & we’re “still rockin’ Texas since 1998”!

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