Sara K Blanco

Sara K BlancoI am a lifestyle photographer in San Antonio, TX using natural light to capture those little moments that mean everything to you. My sessions are unscripted conversations, focusing on the connection of your relationships. Nothing is more important to me than maintaining an open heart and mind and capturing the unique personalities that make up your family. Thank you for spending a few minutes here with me. I would really love to get to know you and yours. I am an artist, a wife and a mother. I am obsessed with light and it’s magical powers. I am in love with stories, true and raw and those of make-believe. I love children and the way they see the world around them. I am an image-maker and a storyteller. I love people, their energy, the power they possess to raise humans, to love their partners, to bring joy and life into this world.
Photography has been my art, my obsession and love for the past 20 years. I have owned this little business of mine for the past 13 years and it never ever gets old for me. I wake up every day excited to meet new people and create images they will carry for the rest of their lives. I have four incredible boys in my life – my husband of thirteen years, my two wild boys and my best dog ever, Bear – these living beings are the ones who encourage me to chase my dreams and give me reason to get out of the house and explore the light with my beautiful clients. I work from home with my husband, who owns a graphic design business, Fueled Graphic Design, and together we manage our work, boys, life and the beautiful story we have been given to create for ourselves.

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