Rita Marie Ross

Rita Marie RossRita grew up in Sandusky, Ohio, a small industrial town on the shores of Lake Erie. The high school she attended valued the arts and prized itself on passionate faculty and a state of the art facility. It was here that Rita first fell in love with being a maker and working with hands. She continued her education under the guidance of a local silversmith. In Athens, Ohio Rita became acquainted with an art of basket weaving, a technique that has played a role in her metal work.
Retreating from the bitter cold of the north, Rita moved to Austin, Texas and quickly settled among the arts community. She became the understudy of Daryl G. Colburn, a renowned non-ferrous metal sculptor, from? ?1990 until 2011. Together they openedRita Marie Ross and managed galleries which promoted their works, as well as local artists. Today, Rita continues creating woven copper sculpture and high end art jewelry for private and corporation collections.
I was taught that emotion could be harnessed to transform raw materials into engaging art. With an attitude of persistence, curiosity, and a hot flame, I forge a relationship between memory and metal. Inspired by nature and our human experience within it, each work is an exploration and an intentional practice in raw creativity.

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