Marian Haigh

Marian was born in Pittsburg, KS in 1951 and grew up in very small towns in a rural setting. Since receiving a B.F.A. from Arkansas State University in 1973 she has worked in her studio, hand building ceramic vessels, teaching workshops, and exhibiting locally and nationally. Her work can be found in American and European museums, corporate and private collections and published in books and magazines. See: Marian lives with her husband in Austin, TX. They divide their time between the city and a cabin in the Texas Hill Country. The landscape brings back memories of a rich childhood immersed in the natural world that has a deep influence on her artwork.
I watch the rhythms and patterns of the natural world and from the four seasons to the almost timeless change of mountain and stone I see shapes and fragments that echo the process of life, death, and rebirth. With clay I seek to express feelings I don’t often understand—perhaps longings for strength and beauty, the desire to explain painful steps I am trying to master or interpretations of numinous dreams that seem like a gift. My wood fired porcelain and stoneware vessels are hand built from slabs and coils. Bas-relief images on the surface are made from ceramic press molds. These molds are made by pressing clay directly onto any surface I find interesting. After the mold is bisque fired a sheet of clay is pressed to the surface and the result is a copy of the original image. The slabs of clay are often cut and reassembled.

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