Kaylah Zuli

Kaylah ZuliKaylah Zuli is an award winning dancer and a dedicated artist living and creating in Austin, Texas. She has been a lover of movement her entire life and followed that love through completion of her BFA in Dance at Texas State University. Her style is a culmination of years of intensive training in the arts of Fire, Flow Arts, and Fusion Belly Dance, as well as intensive academic study of classical and modern technique. She has been gracing the stage with her passion for movement flow for nearly 12 years, and has had the honor of sharing the stage and the moment with amazing musical artists from all over the world, including some of her favorite composers such as Shpongle, David Starfire, Kaminanda, and several others, at events like Sonic Bloom, Art Outside, Symbiosis, and more. Kaylah Zuli Is the Creative Director of the new Fire show, Burn Frequency, and was Co-Shin of PyroTex, a Burning Man Conclave Team, in 2018. She teached Mid-East dance at Austin Community College and facilitates workshops at events around the continent. She holds a Mid East Dance Teaching Certification, a Level One certification in DanceCraft by Zoe Jakes, a level 1 certification in 8 Elements by Rachel Brice, and was the winner of the Yellow Rose of Texas Belly Dance competition in 2009. She is also a former member and choreographer for a renaissance themed dance troupe called Gypsy Eyes, and spent 8 years on the stages at Sherwood Forest Faire.

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