Heather Tolleson

Heather TollesonSassy Chef Heather believes in taking risks in the kitchen – experimenting with both traditional and non-traditional ingredients to create works of art that not only look beautiful on your plate, but taste delicious too. Her love of the process doesn’t stop there. When she’s not in her own kitchen, she’s in someone else kitchen, teaching clients how to prepare healthy meals in a creative way that makes clean eating fun and flavorful. You will rarely find Heather sitting still. As a child, she spent hours playing outside. She also loves to be helpful. She would tie on an apron and serve her parents’ guests with treats, like lemonade and cookies.
Throughout her childhood, food always brought people together, and it is a comforting part of many of her favorite memories. Heather received her culinary arts education at the Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago, Le Cordon Bleu. After graduating in 2000, she jumped into the action-oriented, fast-paced intensity of the professional culinary world, where working with fire and knives was the start of an exciting career. Today, Heather combines her love of food and fitness to help people achieve their health goals. She works as a Fitness Instructor at Life Time Fitness in San Antonio, Texas and her cooking demonstrations can be seen monthly on San Antonio’s FOX 29 Daytime @Heather Tolleson Nine.
She could be preparing a tasty dish in your kitchen next! Heather admits that her favorite part of food preparation is the service she can provide for others. Not just through the food itself, but through empowering people with knowledge they can use to establish a lifetime of healthy eating habits. She loves hearing from people who have watched her demonstrations and tried the recipes at home. Heather taught them something, they applied it, and it was successful. And that is the best feeling!

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