Hannah Neal Cotten

Hannah Neal CottenHannah Neal Cotten is a professional Harpist in Austin, Texas. She plays for a variety of events such as weddings, business occasions, church services, funerals and private parties. Hannah has been playing the harp for 24 years and is very experienced, having learned under Delaine Fedson Leonard, the accomplished harp professor at the University of Texas, for 15 years. Hannah has played for hundreds of weddings over the years in Austin and the surrounding areas. Hannah will work closely with clients to ensure the perfect song list for each event. Hannah is also a singer as well as a harpist. She can arrange just the right version of your favorite songs to bring life to the words of the music through harp and vocals.
When I was 4 years old, I heard harp music for the firstHannah Neal Cotten time and I was mesmerized. My mom contacted the harp professor at the University of Texas, Delaine Fedson Leonard, to begin lessons. My sister and I were both curious and excited to learn how to play the harp. A family of harpists was born! From ages 5 to 18, I studied harp under Delaine. I started playing for weddings when I was 14 years old. I loved sharing my music, so I began composing and arranging my own music. The harp was a place to share my talent, express myself and decompress. In college, I was a member of the University of Texas Harp Ensemble where I played with harpists around Austin. I was also a member of Longhorn Singers, the official show choir of the University of Texas. There I Hannah Neal Cottenlearned to foster my talent and grow alongside fellow musicians.
After graduating the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Science in Education, I moved to Sydney, Australia as an au-pair and harp instructor for two children. I taught them the basics of the harp, while also playing at my favorite spots around Sydney. After living in Australia for one year, I returned to Texas. I accepted a teaching job at Hill Elementary as a fifth grade science teacher. I was so excited to use music in the general education classroom. I am a firm believer in differentiated instruction to help all students learn in a variety of ways that are meaningful to them. Music is a powerful tool for learning and expression. When I’m not in the classroom, I play the harp for events around Austin. I love to expose the public to the harp as well as share in someone’s special day through music. Weddings are my favorite! Being a part of such anPrint Stop important day enriches my life.
In addition to teaching at Hill Elementary and playing the harp for a wide variety of events in Austin, I also teach private harp lessons. I enjoy combining my harp talent and my teaching strategies to foster growth and musicianship in young harpists. If you are interested in playing the harp, or have a child or friend who is interested, please contact me to discuss the possibility of taking lessons with me. The harp is an instrument that will positively change your life and awe all those around you.

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