Ellen Mote

Ellen MoteEllen Mote is the owner and designer of Ellen Mote Jewelry, a Waco-based jewelry design company committed to creating unique and timeless pieces of handmade jewelry. Ellen Mote Jewelry was born from a forced relocation from Portland, Oregon to Waco, Texas, and Ellen’s own drive to acknowledge and celebrate her call to create. Ellen originally studied Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing at Texas Tech University, though she didn’t always know that jewelry making would be her artistic calling. It wasn’t until she worked under a jewelry designer in Portland that she fell in love with jewelry making and began a fascination and deep appreciation for the design process.
When Ellen and her husband moved to Waco from Portland it was to follow his dream,Ellen Mote and at the time she thought that meant the end of hers; but once they arrived in Waco she soon realized she couldn’t ignore her calling to make jewelry, and she found herself among a welcoming community eager to support her new company. Ellen Mote Jewelry will celebrate its three-year anniversary this fall. As the company grows, Ellen continues to cultivate her passion for design, architecture and global studies, translating the beauty she observes into wearable art. Transforming raw materials into something tangible is why she admires her craft, and her hope is that what she creates inspires confidence in the wearer of each piece.

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