Eliana Bernard

Eliana BernardHi, I’m Eliana, the artist and designer behind my self-named business. I began working with clay in college and fell in love with the medium immediately. I experimented with liquid clay and moldmaking, and loved every part of the process. Since then, most of my work has been made by slipcasting – pouring liquid clay into plaster molds. Working with slip has allowed me to explore new ideas through a variety of techniques.
My current collection is inspired by marbled patterns created out of multiple experiments with liquid clay. I know what my material can do and I love pushing the boundaries to create something unique and visually appealing whileEliana Bernard maintaining its functionality. In the Marbled Collection, the pattern varies from piece to piece. Even with the process of slipcasting and using molds to produce a consistent form, every piece has its own pattern, making it truly one of a kind!
I believe that the objects we bring to the table and home are important. That’s why I take the time and care to create pieces that will make mealtimes more special, gatherings more meaningful and the home more beautiful, in hopes that you will enjoy each item as much as I enjoy making them.

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