Cheryl Copeland

Cheryl CopelandCheryl Copeland graduated with a BFA in Dance Performance from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. Having studied and performed extensively in Florida, New York, Texas, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles, her training and technical expertise are reflected in her classes and choreography. She has worked under such notable choreographers as Mia Michaels, Milton Myers, Lisa Hopkins, and Kim Bears-Bailey. Finding her true passion behind the scenes, Cheryl gave up a career in performing for a much more fulfilling career in choreography and education. She has served as resident choreographer for Teen Dance Company of the Bay Area, and as artistic director of pre-professional companies; Breakthru Dance, DAC PAC, and Humnz Dance Ensemble, as well as her professional company BHumn Dance Company. She owned BHumn DanceSpace, the leading training facility for modern dance in Austin, TX for four years and then retired as owner and headed to NYC to serve as the Director of Education at Peridance CapezioCheryl Copeland Center, where is she is still head of their audition tour and communications. She finds herself creatively pushed in dance administration as much as she does in choreography.
As an educator, Cheryl’s students have received countless awards and scholarships, and gone on to dance with artists such as Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, and can be seen in numerous national commercials. Many of her students find themselves pursuing dance degrees at various colleges all over the United States including Juilliard, SUNY Purchase, NYU, and Boston Conservatory amongst others. As a choreographer, she has won several awards including a Choreography Under the Stars finalist cash award, a Young Choreographer’s award from NYCDA, and has just completed a full length work on the Fordham Ailey BFA students. These choreographic praises keep Cheryl in demand amongst studios all over the country. Previously, Cheryl has been an instructor at Millennium Dance Complex, Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio, Edge PAC, Ballet Austin, Cheryl CopelandPeridance Capezio Center, and Broadway Dance Center. Cheryl is looking forward to all of the new opportunities and adventures coming her way and trusts that because of her diverse background, hands on approach, and her ever changing creative mind, she will continue creating innovative work and cultivating beautiful talent for years to come!
Cheryl Copeland has been inspiring youth and adults the same by establishing BHumn Dance Productions in 2005 to create events that push the boundaries of the artistic experience. She believes that dancers are first humans and all movement should come from that genuine place. The place that can only be accessed by the individuals themselves. From creating a safe environment for exploration and risk to providing mentorship and guidance to developing artists, no task is too big or too small for BHumn Dance Productions. When a need in the dance community presents itself, Cheryl and her incredibly diverse faculty and friends seek to fill it immediately. There is something so unique and so special about each dancer if they are given the opportunityCheryl Copeland to share. Technical abilities may make it easier to access certain things and to communicate better through movement but the inherent being, the spirit of the dancer is what motivates and inspires Cheryl. It is what she so often seeks to connect with and what she uses to push dancers beyond what they think they are capable of. She instills more than just a love for dance, but rather a love for work. She helps students develop an appreciation for and understanding of process that can often carry them through many situations not only in dance but in life. She always encourages them to “Just Be Human.”

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