Baker Mayfield


 Baker Reagan Mayfield was born April 14,   1995 to James and Gina Mayfield in Austin,   Texas. He was the second born after his   brother, Matt Mayfield, five years his senior.   Growing up in an ultracompetitive and tight-   knit family, Baker’s focus was always on   improving and beating each member of his   family in games—whether it was ping pong,   checkers, hide-n-seek, throwing competitions,  or a game of “pig” or “horse” in   the driveway. He approached and practiced everything he did with a sense of having fun, but also with every intention of winning. Baker was constantly organizing activities for his friends. Again, the theme of comradery with competition was ever-present.In high school, he continued this theme, playing baseball and football all four years. Baker eventually took command of the Lake Travis Cavaliers during the first game of his Junior season after his good friend and then starting quarterback, Colin Lagasse, went down with an injury. From that moment on, Baker led the Cavaliers to a 25–2 record in two seasons as the starter and won LT the 2011 4A State Championship—their fifth straight. He finished his high school football career totaling 6,255 passing yards, 67 touchdowns, and eight interceptions.

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