Tragic Black


TRAGIC BLACK is a five-piece band from Salt Lake City who is best known for their dark aesthetic, decadence & high-energy performances. TB’s music has evolved since their inception in 2000. With each release lyrically and musically centric to a different element.Debut album, “The Decadent Requiem” is related to the element of Fire, while their subsequent album, “The Cold Caress” is related to the element of Water (which is a conceptual album based on the novel “In the Cold Caress” by vISION). These were followed by a limited edition 7” Vinyl Record, “The Dead Fall”, which is related to the element of Air.”The Eternal Now” (T.E.N.) is related to the element of Earth. As “The Cold Caress” was more melodic & guitar driven than its aggressive, more electronic predecessor “The Decadent Requiem”, T.E.N. is very much a guitar driven album, heavier, bigger & more complex than anything the band has ever done, written over the course of five + years amongst a scenery of shifting guitar players (Jesse James, Stich, Hex, John Varoz, Filthy McWhiskey and Kyle Leary) and growth on various levels for the band as a whole.“We have always done conceptual albums and The Eternal Now is no exception, but instead of having a story arch, it is more of a collage. Each song is conveying the emotion of a moment in time. Like the context behind a photo. Not focused on the event so much as the impact that the event had.” – Seputus (in Zillo Mag interview Dec 2012).While the current line up (Vision – Vocals, Vyle – Bass, Seputus – Drums, John Varoz – Guitar & Kyle Leary- Guitar) is somewhat new, Vision, Vyle & Seputus, have released several albums with record labels, self released cd’s and toured across the United States, Europe & Mexico over the last 12 years.

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