Sunshine Johnson

Sunshine JohnsonMy work explores the define line relationship between Social Realism or Realism, and Surrealism. Choice of subjects are not political but a quest for identity and belonging; marked by realistic depiction of social problems. It depicts Realism; Surrealism painting/mix media and Surrealist Sculpture, with emotional memories. With influences from artists, such as Jean-François Millet [Realism], Moses Soyer [Social Realism], René Magritte [Surrealism], and Salvador Dalí [Surrealist Sculpture]. Combinations of my life experiences and traumas, affiliated with psychoanalysis to form my art from both traditional and modern meanings.
Ever since I was young, I have overactive imaginations. And as an artist, I’ve been fascinated by the essential unreality of meaning. Seeking for irreality ideals, in replace of poverty, abandonment anxiety, displacement,Sunshine Johnson exclusion, dependency, and the predicament of identity and belonging. What starts out as hope and as means of mental escape soon degrade into a clamor of distress, leaving only a sense of dismal for the chance of existence.
As broken forms become frozen in 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional chaos, and as wounds mended to give time to heal. The viewer is left with an awareness to the darkness of our social culture and humanity. But there’s light; they are two opposites yet complementary energies. Despite opposite in qualities and nature, they are interdependent, they cannot exist without the other; they are never separate.

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