Rachel Christensen

Rachel ChristensenWith a musical background reaching nearly 20 years, I work with students who want to learn the flute so they can better fulfill their potential through consistent training and improvement. I believe learning the flute can develop confidence and creativity and I’m passionate about helping you cultivate a talent that will last throughout your life. I believe music can not only give you an identity, but it can teach you how to set goals, build confidence and connect with similar personalities.
In the course of my performance degrees from BYU, I was involved in and won several local, national, and international competitions. Some of these included the Utah Flute Association competition, Music Teacher’s National Association (MTNA) Competition, and the Da Capo Paris Flute Class Competition. In these I gained valuable insight on where I stood as a player, what I could improve on, and got to know other flutists.
Something a formal music education gave me was a better understanding of music theory, music history, ensemble experience, and teaching experience. Over the past 2 years, I’ve seen more than 50 students that I worked with to really refine my teaching capabilities. I was also able toRachel Christensen teach the Flute Choir class at BYU, learning more about repertoire, tuning, and blending. Teaching, just like flute playing, takes practice and gaining that experience at BYU helped me to grow in ways I didn’t know I needed to.
With my experience, I hope to give my students a well rounded music education with insights into music theory and history and an option to gain ensemble experience with my flute choir. In this, I hope to see my students gain a sense of ownership in their own music, a way to thrive creatively in their own lives, and an appreciation of music they can spread to those they know.

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