Pepper Nix


Pepper has been shooting since age 15, when she talked her way onto the high school yearbook staff before she even owned a camera. From high school yearbook to college newspaper, she was determined to be a National Geographic photographer when 2 things happened. One, she read an article about how difficult it was for National Geographic photographers to have a successful marriage and close family since they were traveling 9 months of the year. And, her friend Alan Kent begged her to shoot his wedding. “Just shoot it like you do for the newspaper!” he said. “Shooting that wedding with all of that raw emotion, all of the joy and the happy tears, it felt more comfortable to me than anything else I had ever photographed!” Pepper founded her company as a hungry college student hoping to earn enough to pay for film, paper, and ramen noodles. Fast forward now to almost 800 weddings later, a dozen Utah, National, and international awards, and loving every minute of it! She is a brilliant business woman, a massively talented photographer, a mover and shaker in the wedding industry community and THE BEST BOSS EVER! She loves to sing and perform concerts in her shower, and is pretty crazy about all things paper. Her favorite two things in the world are delivering a final wedding album to her brides, and sending something fun and colorful to her friends and clients mailboxes. “There is something very real, very tangible, about paper. We keep it, we treasure it, and when it gets old enough, we put it in a museum. I love that the images we take are treasured, but nothing feels better than shipping a wedding album to one of our brides!” Pepper has an entire room in her house dedicated to paper, dubbed The Card Room. Some people jog, some people paint, but Pepper’s hobby is to send mail.When she’s not shooting, Pepper can be found building Lego sets with her son Zen. She claims of course that they are for him, but we all know the truth [she buys them for herself….] Her current project is to invent new ways of making zoodles taste different than the previous hundred times she made them. Pepper shoots on the new Sony Alpha camera system, and has very strong opinions on it if you ever care to ask her.Pepper lives in Daybreak with her son Zen, building the aforementioned lego sets, reading books, going on walks, watching The Office, Doctor Who, or Star Trek, and planning their next trip together. [currently trying to decide between Boston, New York, and London – care to share any thoughts on which Zen would love more? He’s 12, frightfully curious with a strong ADHD streak that translates into boundless energy whilst making excuses on why he can’t possibly finish his math homework even though he knows the answers].Pepper’s fantasy dinner party would include the financial wisdom of Dave Ramsey, the historical goddess that is Doris Kearns Goodwin, the geek of all things science Neil deGrasse Tyson, and George R. R. Martin, but just to bug him in person to hurry and finish his next book because Pepper is WAY TOO EXCITED for The Winds of Winter. And let’s add Abraham Lincoln because DUH – best dinner party guest ever! Pepper’s newest fav thing in photography? “That 92% of our brides last year did a First Look before their ceremony!! It gives us so much time and freedom to create beautiful and romantic portraits of our couples on their wedding day!”

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