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Kaci BaumHello friends, fellow photographers or collaborators, and any other web crawlers. My name is Kaci Baum (Urry). The man with the pup is Austin, my tinder date turned husband. We recently got married in the coolest place on earth, Lake Powell and it was a dream. We have a spunky Springer Spaniel named Stella and she is my bff. Please bring your dog to a shoot I freaking love them. I am a Salt Lake City Photographer who lives for creating timeless, emotional, and fun photographs that each client will cherish forever. My job is to tell your story in a creative, easy going, and optimistic way. I LOVE traveling the world. I can pack a bag in an hour, so let’s elope! We are going to create a memorable and fun experience that is true to you. My motto is “Do it for the picture.” It applies in a lot of scenarios… you’d be surprised. I hope to work with you or even better grab – a cup of coffee. Really, I’m down to hang.
Welcome to Kaci Baum Photography! I am here to capture each person, family, and couple’s unique beauty and love. Third-wheeling is my thing. Whether youKaci Baum believe you true love, soulmates, or just someone to watch Netflix with; I am going to be your favorite third-wheel. I want to capture the real love between you and your partner. You guys play video games? Let’s capture that! Your first date was at a tiny coffee shop? Let’s go there and recreate your favorite memories. These pictures are for you – don’t worry, you’ll still be getting mad likes on Instagram 😉 As for your wedding day, I’m your right-hand woman. I’ll be there through it all, hell sometimes I’m half the event coordinator. I’m your personal cheerleader throughout the day and I will be there to capture every moment. Kaci BaumNot to mention, I’ll deliver your edited photos within days. (Basically unheard of in the wedding industry).
Your family photos aren’t just posed studio portraits, they’re documenting memories of baking cookies with your 4 year old. Be messy, be fun isn’t that what being a kid is all about? We have all seen the crying kids shot. I love it. It is real. I want to play patty-cake, hide and go seek, blow bubble, play a board game. Yes of course, we will get those frame-worthy photos and throw in a few poses, but what I really love is having fun! Let’s make family photos fun again, not painful! Senior year is finally here! You have worked SO hard and a new chapter of your life is about to begin. High School Seniors and College Seniors, I want to capture you in your element. I want your vibe to shine through these photos. Fashionistas – strut your stuff. Jocks – we are headed to the baseball diamond. This session is inspired by you, for you. Let’s do it!

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