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Johnny WorthenI’m a work in a progress. I was raised in a secluded pocket of Salt Lake City Utah in a suburban apartment by a single mother, at least for a while. I went to public school but spent my high school senior year in Denmark as a traumatized and tantalized foreign exchange student. I attended the University of Utah until they kicked me out. As a parting gift, they gave me a Magna Cum Laude BA in English and a Master’s in American Studies. I married my Junior Prom date and have two boys.
We lived in Eugene, Oregon for nearly a decade. Armed with two humanities degrees, I naturally gravitated to the food service industry. I opened a bakery and ran it successfully until the Oregon rain got under my skin andJohnny Worthen softened my bones to collapsing. We moved back to Utah. After a series of other businesses and adventures, including a front line posting in the drug war, I found myself in a position to pursue my passion for writing.
So here in the in-between, with the clock ticking and the sound of the starting gun a long forgotten echo, I begin very late my professional writing career. I heard Johnny Boggs speak about his writing career, how he and his wife chucked it all in and moved to Santa Fe confident they could achieve their dreams. They just up and did it. His wife had told him that “if you jump a net will appear.” And it did. I’m in mid-air, the ground rushing up, the wind in my hair, my screams half terror, half exhilaration.

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