Jason Pickett

Jason PickettBorn in North Carolina and raised in Michigan, Jason Pickett found his passion for hip hop dancing in Utah. He has spent the last six years teaching competitive dance at Inspire Dance Studio and fostering his career within Utah. In 2017 Jason transitioned to other parts of the state teaching at several competitive dance studios, revamping theirJason Pickett current programs. Currently, he is teaching on a weekly basis and dancing professionally with Odyssey Dance Theatre. He has performed around the US for companies like: Hermès, Icon Fitness, Toys R Us, and Crocs and you can also catch Jason in several viral YouTube videos including Stormtrooper Secrets: Hip Hop Twerk – 4k, High School Dance Battle – Geeks vs. Cool Kids! (4k) & many more! Specializing in competition HIP HOP choreography, Jason can help your studio (or dancer) improve their HIP HOP dancing and at the same time fulfill your competitive needs.

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