Haley Nord

Haley NordWhen I started shooting 5 years ago, a good friend told me that in film photography you have to make a choice to preserve the shadows or the highlights. I fell in love with the idea of letting the shadows go and seeing what detail remained in the light. My style of rich, romantic photographs came from a love of the idea of finding those moments that lingered in the light. A beautiful concept that governs both how I shoot and how I view the world around me. Your wedding day & engagement session is not about likes or being Pinterest-worthy, it’s about all of those in between moments. It’s a deep breath of air in this crazy world, a space for the two of you to to fall in love over and over again. My job is to see and experience the day the way you two do. Full of love and hope and honesty.
At the end of the day, I’m here to tell your story, and retell it every time you look at yourHaley Nord images. These photos will become your memories, the way your mom looked at you when you slipped into your dress, the way your husband’s best friend teared up during his toast, the way all of the details of the day came together. Most importantly, I want to show you how your love sees you, because there is nothing more beautiful in this world than letting someone love you passionately and wholeheartedly. When you work with me, we’ll laugh, we’ll be genuine, and we’ll create honest photographs. If I sound like a good fit for both of you, fill out the form below and we can get started.

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