Cordell Taylor

While in Utah we visited with our dear friends and gallery inspirations Cordell Taylor and Lenka Konopasek, two of the finest artists known throughout Utah and beyond for their remarkable dedication and artistic pursuits. Cordell’s downtown Salt Lake City studio is a veritable treasure trove of historic and current works by both artists, but it was Cordell’s most recent small-scale steel sculptures that grabbed our attention this last visit. We brought three of them back to the gallery and highly urge everyone to consider adding one of these distinct works to their collection. The work of Cordell Taylor is deeply rooted in his personal ideal and philosophy. Through his work, Taylor constructs universal relations into personal statements about life, society, and culture. His works relate a sophisticated degree of technical skills and understanding, which give his sculpture the purity and originality necessary to achieve international recognition. Working with architects and designers daily, Taylor creates site-specific commissioned works; one can also draw from his portfolio of original pieces.

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