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Chris PetersonChris Peterson is a Utah-born artist with work ranging from mixed media wildlife and landscape paintings to murals and large-scale community arts projects. He attended Kansas City Art Institute and Brigham Young University, where he earned a B.F.A. (2001). Chris also holds an M.P.A. (2005) and an M.S. in Environmental Humanities (2007); both from the University of Utah. Chris spent his twenties painting, exhibiting and selling landscape paintings. Inspired by frequent excursions into the wild corners of the Colorado Plateau, Great Basin and Rocky Mountains, his early work was focused on the epic and intimate landscapes of the American West.
From 2001-2016, he took a break from studio work for graduate school and a career in the nonprofit, education, and public sectors. This work included Colorado River restoration, leadership development in Jackson Hole, teaching K-6 art, charter school startup & strategy, rural development programs inChris Peterson Africa and Asia, and directing Salt Lake City’s Sorenson Unity Center. Chris began moonlighting on community arts projects and freelance murals from 2012 through 2017, when a series of wildlife mural projects led him back into the studio.
Chris lives in Salt Lake City with his wife Lisa, their four daughters, and dog Maggie. I’m an artist, a father, a sportsman and a conservationist, with a deep love of wild places and wildlife for what they tell us about who we are as humans. The prospect is dim for many of our iconic wild creatures, particularly in the rapidly warming American Southwest. My recent work is about the collective loss of wildness, nostalgia, and the residue left on our psyche by wild encounters. Generated by my own personal experience and the dreams that followed, this work is elegy for the mythic beasts in our presence.

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