Brooke Mackintosh

Brooke MackintoshBrooke Mackintosh is a mother, muse, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and natural born singer, born on a full moon and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her mother claims she’s been singing since the day she arrived and her father taught her to play the piano as soon as she could reach the keys, and guitar at the age of 15. After a wrong-turn marriage and failed attempts at living a “normal” life, she awoke to realize she wasn’t truly living at all. Rewarding herself a solo vacation to San Diego, she was synchronistically invited to begin her journey in a supportive cousin’s fifth-wheel in El Cajon, CA, just a half hour East of her intended destination. Upon her return to Utah, with her grueling day & night jobs, in 6 months, without a plan, she packed all she could into her car, including two guitars, her dog and her cat and followed the I-15 to begin her lifelong dream.
She quickly found a job as a Receptionist for an Audiologist who created in-ear monitors for acclaimed artists, such as Diana Krall, and was able to move to San Diego. After a hard year of working as a receptionist and cocktail server, while submerging herself deep in the San Diego Songwriter’s scene, she released her debut album, “Blue Skies Await,” under herBrooke Mackintosh stage name, Brooklyn. Suddenly recieving paid gigs, she immediately quit her day job to focus on building a professional music career and supported her quick transition working in a prestigious Gentleman’s Club a few nights a month. It wasn’t long before she arose as a singer-songwriter, and a live, local music promoter & show producer.
For years until the Recession hit, she maintained weekly music residencies at many locations, including Hennessey’s Taverns in the Gaslamp District and Pacific Beach. She was supported and joined by local celebrities, promoted by local TV shows and news stations, and her song, “Believe” was placed in a local MyTV13 show, which aired every week. Around 2008, she began collaborating & co-writing with “Blue Skies Await” producer, Sven-Erik Seaholm and eventually, the two of them split from his band, The Wild Truth, and continued as the duo, Seaholm Mackintosh, eventually becoming lovers.
Brooke MackintoshWith the Recession came hardships that resulted in a difficult breakup and Brooke took a 5 month hiatus from San Diego. She moved to a beautiful little farmhouse in Morgan, Utah, where she began planting seeds in the Utah music scene. Meanwhile, Sven and she had reunited despite the distance, and were planning to create, live and work together, once she returned. The pregnancy was planned, but happened quicker than anticipated and provided the push needed to co-create their duet album, “Monarchs,” which gained immediate accolades with a San Diego Music Awards Nomination, the very same year their son was born, (2011.) They continued to perform and worked as a team on multiple projects in his home studio, including a musical theater project, featuring recreated versions of songs off their album and a collaboration with artist and friend, Nisha Catron, for her dance-lounge album, called “STLA” (released in 2013).
A year before STLA’s actual release, the duo again, seperated and Brooke returned to her roots, toddler in tow, heading the call of family and the majestic Rocky mountains. Brooke was quick to reap rewards from seeds she’d sown a few years earlier and was welcomed to Utah successfully. With, one final attempt at their union, instead of uprooting their son since again, Sven was coerced to move to Utah to reunite with his family. It took 4 months to realize it was actually over and 3 more for Sven to finish his solo album, “The Sexy,” while Brooke played nonstop gigs to support the family. That July, Sven returned to San Diego and Brooke continued on as a full-time mother and musician from her homestate. She maintains her career by playing regularly in Ogden, Salt Lake City, Park City and alsoEureka House of Metal performs at festivals, private events and occasionally performs in San Diego.
She is currently writing, working towards producing her long-awaited Sophomore album and plans on touring and showing her son the world. Since Brooke started her musical journey, she has shared the bill and the stage with renowned artists, such as Eagles Hit songwriter, Jack Tempchin, “You Were Meant For Me” Co-Songwriter, and touring artist, Steve Poltz, Nashville artist and songwriter, Erin McCarley, Grammy Award Winning Songwriter, Monty Powell, Lumineers Guitarist, Maxwell Hughes, Jason Mraz Produced, Gregory Page, Musician & Hollywood Actor, Brad Carter, Django Soundtrack Artist, Brother Dredge and Teen Folk Sensation, Sammy Brue.

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