Zach Timberlake


 Zach Timberlake is an American oil painter born in 1984, in Sacramento, California. He achieved an Associate of Arts degree from Folsom Lake College in 2008, followed by many years of continuous self-teaching. He has exhibited in both northern and southern California, including two solo shows in Sacramento as well as a third scheduled in June 2018.
My paintings are created by fusing values, colors and forms into images that are recognizable yet surreal. Being born with a deutan color vision deficiency, I put emphasis on creating accurate value shifts while letting instincts guide my color choices. I am fascinated by developing subtle textures that form under the enamel finish of dried stand oil. I employ tools such as brushes and palette knives to achieve desired results. I enjoy painting interesting forms found in nature. My current subjects are predominantly trees I have encountered during hikes through the woods, trips to the Pacific coast and my visit to Costa Rica. I have always been interested in describing the way light and color interact with environmental textures. My favorite subjects are distorted tree roots and branches that create captivating compositions, heightened by strange and ethereal atmospheric backgrounds. I strive to create images that stand on their own and are free of context, time, narrative or explanation. My paintings come from an urge to create imagery that provokes thoughts and emotions, utilizing the full scope of my senses.



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