Yaz the Artist

Yaz is a Mixed Media ARTrepreneur who has been developing her artistic skills over the course of her life. She began creating art solely as a hobby, but after becoming disabled due to Fibromyalgia, multiple car accidents, and neck surgery, art became her outlet to the world. When it comes to creating Yaz loves to experiment with a variety of mediums and combinations of mediums including acrylics, collage, relief printing, the list goes on. Her constant strive for experimentation is what prevents her from being tied down with one medium; plus its keeps her creative juices flowing. Although she does enjoy dabbling with various mediums, the one constant in all of her works is that they are created in her signature style, which is emphasized by her use of bright, bold, and often blocky colors. While she does love creating her mixed media California flag pieces and painting her favorite landscapes and musicians, she also enjoys painting a variety of other subjects utilizing various styles from abstract to the more realistic.
Yaz enjoys sharing her artwork with the community as she actively exhibits it in and around the Red Bluff area. Two of her mixed media CA flags are on permanent display at the California Association of Councils of Governments located in Downtown Sacramento. You can also find her paintings on a Sacramento News & Review Newsrack that she custom painted with pieces from her Matisse Inspired Rappers Series back in 2014; the Newsrack is also located in Downtown Sacramento. Another one of her CA flag pieces is on display in the office of the President of The League of Women Voters in Washington, D.C.
Beyond what she has created her ultimate goal is to inspire others to get creative and discover the artist within themselves, even those who don’t consider themselves “artists”; which is why she began instructing Paint with Yaz Art Parties in late 2018. Yaz is honored to have the opportunity to inspire the community to get creative, because she knows just how important art is for everyone! Besides creating and instructing Yaz is also an active member on the Tehama County Arts Council board and has been enjoying getting involved with the community at this level.

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