Xochitl (pronounced “so-chee”) is a 23 year old singer-songwriter born & raised in Sacramento, CA. Her musical journey began in womb; her parents met in church playing music and would place headphones over her mothers pregnant belly blasting Mozar or Beatles. Growing up, Xochitl was surrounded by music and decided to take it seriously after attending college and deciding it was not the right path. At age 19, she took her first songs and started playing open mics and practicing every day. As of 2015, Xochitl has toured the east & west coast, held the cover of local music newspaper “Submerge” and preformed in hundreds of venues. Her new EP “Lion Heart” is available worldwide and she is currently touring the entire west coast.
A songwriter at her core, Xochitl writes a variety of genres from jazz, childrens, rock, pop, electronic, and country. All music is available on Spotify, iTunes & Apple.
Her ability to switch and write for all genres, her passion to inspire others, and connect with an all age audience.
Not only is Coyote Creates an artist, Coyote Creates is a brand within herself. She represents her love for art, music, activism, the environment, and youth. Xochitl works equally as hard supporting creative youth as she does on her music and is excited to inspire young girls to play music. She promotes her love for the environment by educating people on the importance of secondhand clothing.



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