Whirl is a female-fronted pop/rock/alternative band whose music consists of emotive, powerful, beautifully-crafted, colossal hook-based tunes delivered with signature emotional openness and fearlessness. Whirl’s sound is a unique blend of pop sensibility and feel-good optimism mixed with dark, heavy riffs, progressive twists and subtle middle-eastern shades. The project has received glowing press and has touched audiences worldwide, including performances in the UK and throughout the East and West Coasts of the United States. Whirl has also made TV appearances on both coasts and has received airplay on both major and college radio stations and various US and European-based podcasts, where Whirl’s music continues to shine. Currently based in Northern California, Whirl can be seen performing in and around the region. Please visit www.WhirlMusic.com for more information and music.

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